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November 24, 2008


Kristi S

Beautiful photos! I hope you ahd an awesome time in Vegas and weather was nice...it was freezing here!!


Glad you are back! Those are awesome pictures. Vegas is a blast. So much to do so little time.


Great pictures! Vegas is so scenic - what a wonderful place to get married!


Where did I miss that black and white floor one? Love it.

Anne W

wow! awesome pics! i love the fountain one.
i started reading your site thru jenny @ stickyfeathers - - but i went to school with roger and kaatji. graduated with roger actually! never knew you even knew eachother! small world!


Beautiful, but I already told you that!

Hyphen Mama

Wow! Those are amazing shots. I love the one of them on the bridge. Gorgeous!

Denise H.

Oh, I never thought about how Beautiful photos in Vegas would be.

GREAT JOB! I will have to remember that since we are so close to Vegas. Engagements would be Fun too!


sweet! i love them!

Kim Airhart

You have talent girl!!

Kristi S

Long time, no blog. Where are ya chica? Everything A-Okay???

Primary Work at Home

Amazing pictures. I like it very much.

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