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October 09, 2008



one) dude, you are my fwend.
two) golfer chicks.

Hyphen Mama

What I love most about your blog are the perfectly beautiful pictures you post. OH, and I keep thinking you're going to announce where we can buy bedding with your designs (not that I can afford new ANYTHING anymore)!
Halloween? I'll be Sleeping Beauty... as in, with any luck I'll have had a glass of wine and will be asleep!


1. i love reading your blog because your daughter is close to my daughter's age. and you're funny. i get a kick out of certain posts, it's my mommy me time.
2. i will be....emily's chauffeur. i thought about dressing up but wanted to wait until emily was a little older. but she's going to be an angel!

Sarah S.

I love seeing pictures of your cute little girl. I also enjoy to sort of catch up with people either I or my brothers knew growing up in SB.

We're undecided what costume we're going to have Matthew wear for our Harvest party (we don't celebrate halloween). Thomas, Elmo, or Bob the Tomato are in the running so far.


I love your writing style. Your posts are humorous, intriguing, thoughtful and their real life. And of course your photos are the absolute best. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.
I don't have a costume picked out yet. But the kids are giving me many funny suggestions.


I love looking at your pics and hearing about them. Halloween-tacky as it is...I will be going as Marilyn Monroe-post OD (adult only evening out!)


1. The pictures!!
2. Full of candy :)

Lacy H (Hinson316)

Hello Jessica! I was surprised to see all of the information you have on here. With each shoot, do you blog and comment on what your favorite aspects were? Do you feel that your "creativity" button goes off with every shoot?

I love that you bring the pictures to life. Not only with the backrounds but the steps you take to get the picture. I think I read that you got in the river to take a picture before. Yikes!

Mena is going to be Minnie Mouse and Peyton is going to be Mickey Mouse. I still haven't decided if I am going to be anything yet.

I am so excited to read more!


you are one creative gal Jessica!! when madeline looks at the big picture of the tutu girlies, she says "pirates", then she growls. I was like, why in the world is she saying pirates about the picture- then I remembered- she was being really crabby so I told her there were pirates in your woods!! How funny is that, that she remembered that....
Anyway, I cannot wait to see what you are going to be dressed as at the party!!


I love to read all the day to day happenings and the pictures are great! I'm not dressing up but Marie is going to be a ladybug.


1) I love all the FABULOUS pictures!
2) My DD said, she wants to be a Cingarella (aka-Cinderella) for a Halloween.


Am I too late to comment on this?
1. I like seeing your photography
2. This is the first H-ween in a long time that I won't be dressing up as anything.


I just love your photography! That is why I stop in!
I don't think I'm going to be anything for Halloween this year. I just may put on scrubs and go as a Dr. for our little church party--it's for the kids--this Saturday, otherwise, if anyone asks what I am, I'll just say the "chaffeur"!

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