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October 09, 2008



I really love the layout of your blog. The little blue birdie is so cute! For halloween I am not dressing up, but my little 13 month old will be a pony!


1. I like the openness (sp) and honesty of your blog.

2. I am going to be a witch for halloween, when I take Hannah trick or treating.


I like the variety of your blog and Halloween??? Well, nothing. We don't take part in any form or fashion. Does that disqualify me?


I love the day to day life of your blog. You really capture life in your pictures and in your words as well.
For Halloween our family is dressing up as Native American's as it is my husband's heritage and in honor of Frankie and Harley :)

Ruth Ann

1. I like getting a glimpse of your day to day life documented with your beautiful pictures.

2. I was going to raid Esme's dress up bin for all of her fairy accessories. We'll see what I come up with!


Wow you have so many talents! I have now been neglecting MM to read this! The layout makes it so easy to navigate! For Halloween Dalton will be Thomas the Tank Engine and Jacob will be a frog. We'll see if they can handle trick or treating! Last year was too much for Dalton and he only made it to 3 houses and had to come home!


By far your fabulous photographs, but I love hearing about Monkey Girl and her brother too. As of right now I'm not going as anything for Halloween but PB is going as a skunk.


i love hearing about monkey girl...she is such a cutie and treat!
i don't think i'm dressing up for halloween but lucy is either going to be a ladybug or a pig...:)


You are one talented lady! Love you work and your concise honest writing! Can't wait to see more on MM!


And I shall be Zorro for Halloween! (oops)


I just love the randomness of your blog...serious, funny, growing up stories of your kids, random husband stories...love it all.

And for Halloween? I'm actually TWO things (how sweet am I?)...at work I will be just decked in Halloween clothing/earrings/orange and black hair extensions/black nails.....but at night for the halloween bash....lol....I am a wet t-shirt contest winner. Complete with fake pillow-like boobs so big it's hard to drive a vehicle and a see-through white shirt and a sash that says "wet t-shirt winner"....it's the most amazing costume ever invented and, as you can imagine, turns a lot of heads;)

What are you gonna be for halloween?!


I love to hear the stories behind the photos--and just looking at your great photography

For Halloween I'm going to be a cat and dd is going to be an elephant


Hmmm, so much to love! But, I love the pictures, they are beautiful and I love hearing about Ruby's shoe obsession!

I'm going to be a crayon for Halloween!

Congrats on the hits! OMG, you are so popular :) He He!


I LOVE your blog and your photography is FANTASTIC. I love how you think you are boring, but you are NOT. I like the updates on your cute kids and your honesty is something to be treasured!

Halloween I think the girls are going to be a witch and an angel! nice combination huh!

And I want to win the photo shoot me me me...


I love your blog! Mostly the pictures of monkey and j-man! I don't know how you have the time to do it all!!

Halloween - I think I am going to be a Vikings fan. C is going to be Belle and not sure what O is going to be yet. We'll find out this weekend because we need to buy her costume as this is the last weekend we have her before Halloween!

Denise H.

Hmmmm, I would have to say your Adorable pictures of little Monkey Girl.

Denise H.

Oh No, I forgot to put what I am going to be for Halloween. I think a witch this year but I'm not sure.


Love the pictures and that you are so creative with other stuff too. I come for inspiration.

I can't imagine I'm going to be anything except INSANELY PREGNANT for Halloween.


Hi Jessica! I read your blog often! I love everything about it! Especially all the super cute pictures you put on here!

Halloween- I have NO idea yet! Logan is going to be a dragon and Sofia is a pink leopard though!


wow! you are a superstar!

Kim A

I love all your pictures. You are very talented.
I will be about 23 weeks pregnant on Halloween. Maybe I will be a M&M. Nice and round.


1. I enjoy the pictures - you are so talented

2. I'm going to be a chaperone for Halloween. ;)


1. I love reading your take on day to day life & seeing your wonderful photography! Your blog is awesome keep it up!

2. No costume for me this year. I think I am going to use Aimee's idea of putting a jack-o-lantern face on an orange shirt in my belly region though. I'll match Ben! He's going to be a pumpkin too.


The thing I love most about your blog are the amazing pics....I love the ones in your header right now. I am trying to learn more and your pics are always inspiring....LOVE the smash cake photo shoots!

We host a Halloween event at work for the local children and I plan it....I am going to be nurse. Scrubs= comfy and easy to move around in :).


Crud....I accidently deleted your email response when I was trying to move it from junk mail. Sorry!

I found you from Nicole's blog: http://oh-my-words.blogspot.com/
I am definately a blogless blog addict :).....I don't feel like I have much to write about now, but I will probably start one when we have kiddos.

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