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October 01, 2008



ummm, a 1000 times better than a Lifetouch photo:)
i love the hockey pic!!:) cute!!


I love the Hockey jersey one.


He is handsome! Love there crazy little grins. The hocky jersey picture is my favorite.


He is one handsome dude!

Btw, thanx for sharing that video - I just watched the whole thing. Scarey, huh? My Dad has been explaining a bunch of things to me lately and this isn't far off the mark.

Kristi S

Cute photos!! And he is a very handsome kid!


Nice photos. I especially love the black and white one.


see, there really are benefits to having a mom with a camera glued to her face - great 'school' shots! :) he's a cutie!


He looks so grown up! Great job on the photos as usual. I think I like the hockey jersey pic too!


I love the pics! So were you the photographer for the whole school, or did you just re-do his yourself because of orientation?


Those turned out great! He's such a handsome boy!

Hyphen Mama

I love the b&w one. Wouldn't every kid have loved to have their photos taken by their professional MOM than some weirdo who only had 17 seconds of time for them to sit and smile?


He is a handsome man! I hate lifetouch, what a waste of time and money!


His eyes pop in that pic.. Green eyes are rare and beautiful. Good job!


man is he a cutie!

Kris Beedle

Cute little man you have. I would have loved to have a photographer that actually captured some good school pics!!

Jessica I never realized you had a blog. Very interesting--Don't know where you find the time!

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