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October 31, 2008



She's just too much :) Great pictures!


cute. cute. and cute. the skunk is dear to me as i had to play one in a school play once - haha! happy halloween!


OHMYGOD. she cracks me up...she's such a little trooper! renee won't even look at her costume without whining.

Kristi S

What darling costumes!!

Hyphen Mama

Oh my gosh! I was inlove with the ladybug dress---but then the skunk won my love. She is so agreeable. Mack shrieks at the top of his lungs every single time we try to put his lion costume on. GREAT.


That is so frickin' cute!!! All of them!!! Your lucky to have a willing victim to shoot!!!


WOW she looks good in all her costumes :) Have a happy halloween and carving pumpkins is such great fun for the kids..


What cute costumes! She's so adorable!


OH that lady bug one is soo cute. I loved those pumpkin photos.


How stinkin' cute! Love the pics, the ladybug is my favorite! She's adorable!


love her!!!!


Hi Jessica,

I have been the lamest blogger!!! These are great shots of your little cutie! What's your secret to gettin such great in-door shots. Can you share some of your settings - iso, wb, etc. I am struggling with this! Thanx. =)

Denise H.

Oh, those are so Cute!!!!!! I love the skunk costume!

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