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October 28, 2008



Look at all her hair! It's getting so long!

I saw the snow on Sunday, depressing! I've been freezing ever since.

Book a ticket in my name, will ya!


How sweet is she.
The snow, yeah, what is up with that. We had some flurries yesterday and I almost cried.


She is adorable! I hear ya about taking pictures of everybody else except my kids! I need to take them out on a photo shoot!


She is just so cute!!


LOVE the glasses pic lol...that thing is bigger than her head almost!!! So cute!!! PS...i have YET to see snow?!


dear god...is that snow???? thanks for following up with the cuties!

Hyphen Mama

WooHoo... we've managed to keep from getting snow in October for the first time since I can remember.

Look at Monkey's hair... getting so long.

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