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October 24, 2008



It does seem to just slip away doesn't it.
It is funny about the manners thing I try to get Maggie to say please and thank you and she just signs them. I know people must think she's crazy when I tell her to say thank you and it is like she is blowing kisses. She for the life of her will not say those words. Anyhoo back to MG. Did the pen come off the screen? We have permanent scratches in our computer screen.


They do grow so fast and suddenly they are in school and have serious attitudes (at least mine do) I enjoyed every stage and was always looking forward to the next one, enjoy her now and your right take lots of pictures they are only this age ONCE!


I'm in the middle of writing this exact same post. (Well, different child characteristics, but ya know:) Same age and all.

Hyphen Mama

I know! I KNOW!!! Stop growing so fast, babies!

Mack's vocabulary has increased 20 words in the last 2 weeks. He says "PEEEEEE" for please. I've had the video camera in his face for 2 weeks trying to get all that cuteness recorded.


Awww happy 1/2 birthday!!!


Your baby is growing up! Crazy huh? I loved the rocker pics by the way! too cute!

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