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September 18, 2008



WOW is she a talker! That is awesome. Maggie is just starting to really catch on to words and repeating them. I still would like to know where "Go Away" came from. "Uh oh" was and still is a favorite around here.


oh i forgot to add, what is it with a certain pair of shoes. You would think it was the end of the world some days with shoes around here.


I love hearing about "girl" talk, as there isn't much of that going on here. She is so precious!


way cute....love the shoes!


she is too cute, lucy is really into her belly button right now...and finding other peoples belly buttons as well! funny!


OMG! What a talker! Maren has just had a mini-language explosion - she now says 'cheese', 'fish', and 'ow' . . . particularly when I am brushing her hair!

Chanley Webber

I love all those cute moments you described. She's got a great vocabulary. Amazing how different each child can be. Thanks for sharing. And I'll bet she'll be throwing her tantrum to wear sandals outside even when you have 2 feet of snow this winter. A girls' gotta look PRETTY! Ha ha!


ah! i love when people share all these kinds of moments - awesome! she is a smart one! :)


awww she's so cute!

Hyphen Mama

So cute!

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