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September 03, 2008



How cute. He looks so grown up and ready to be on his own!!!


Oh my gosh! He is so handsome! And there is no doubt that he and Monkey Girl are brother and sister! I am wondering how it will be sending Cooper off to school as he gets older - preschool has been a breeze and I am so happy that he has that diversion twice a week . . . but all day, everyday? That may be hard!


I sent off my 3rd grader and Kindergartner yesterday! It is amazing how fast they grow. Kaitlyn the 3rd grader does not like homework so her advise to Kylie was "It's not all fun and games you know" oh boy it will be a long school year.:)


What a handsome dude! I am lost without my big, little guy! Feel better soon. =)


Aw, he is a handsome guy. I can see why weren't happy that school started.


Awww, I feel for ya. My baby starts preschool next week. Seriously, where does the time go? They get big so fast. I can't even imagine what 1st grade will be like! I'm sure he had a great day though!

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