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September 07, 2008



that's kindda cool!!!


yes, only in the age of the internet and blogs!


WOW! That is simultaneously really cool and just a bit freaky! But who am I to talk . . . thanks to the power of Google, HyphenMama and I had a 5-hour dinner date at Old Chicago on Friday!

Kristi S

A few weeks ago my brother was up north and someone approached him and asked if he was my brother....they recognized him from my blog!


I am sorry if I freaked you out! I just happened to glance over and recgonized your little sweetie! and kinda knew what you looked like....and had a split second decision and decided to take it! It was nice to meet you too! AGAIN I am sorry to have just jumped out of the blue with my introduction. I shop every year with my mom and 2 sisters at the great Arts and Crafts fair. And yes I want and need to get a blog....that is in the works!


I'd be both flattered and a little bit afraid I think.


HI! I am glad you said hi! I hope you don't mind me linking you to my blog! I always love looking at your blog for inspiration! Love your photography!!


I had the stroller thing happen to me and was not happy. But I think I was the one that took it out:(


That is crazy.. It's kinda cool.


funny!! and crazy.

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