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September 29, 2008



This is hilarious...all very easy things for guys to make...did you tell him you were leaving for a week and he was going to have to feed himself or what? lol


That's great! Gotta love men. Although, Brian does the shopping, BUT I make the list.


Is he still in college? Didn't the store have the spicy chicken? The boy asked for eggos the other day at the store and I said No, you can get the kashi ones and I got the teen pout. I didn't get it:)


Where's the icecream?


too funny. is it bad that now i would like some ramen noodles? yum. lol!

Hyphen Mama

Oh, that's too funny. That's right out of college. I love pop tarts, but we do NOT buy them. My kids would be hanging from the ceiling for a week if I fed them a pop tart!

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