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September 22, 2008



Yikes! That is not good. I've been lucky and my kids have not attempted this. I did the best I could to keep all writing utensils out of their reach unless they were coloring with my supervison. I also ingrained into their heads that if I ever see them writing on something other than paper or an art project they would lose all their toys (okay not that extreme but I let them know it was not acceptable from an early age). But I'm sure after writing this to you, I"ll be jinxed and a portrait will show up on a wall or table somewhere. Hopefully not.
I did a quick search on Google and found that if you use toothpaste and rub it in real good it should come off. Yeah, who da thunk, toothpaste? But it's worth a shot right. Check out this site if you want to see it work.


or this one talks more about other people using toothpaste.


Happy scrubbing!!!


Uh oh! Maybe a magic eraser? Good luck!


so you have quite the little artist on your hands! i hear the magic eraser works wonders - i hope it works on everything. i'll have to bookmark this post for future reference - you know - just in case.


I was working on a project once using permanent black marker. It went through the paper onto my mom's dining room table. Someone told me to use toothpaste and and a toothbrush on it............it worked! Every bit of it came off :) Good luck!!


This is funny and SO not funny at the same time. I have no suggestions but GOOD LUCK!


Aubriee did the same thing she took a crayon all over her brand new bed and walls!! Magic eraser did the trick on everything and it should work on your floors too!! Good luck!!


Yes, Magic Eraser is truly magic... or a lifesaver at least! It'll work on anything. I bet it'll even work on your floors without harming them... try a hidden spot in a closet or something.

I keep a couple Magic Erasers on hand at all times. They're good for everything!


PB would like to say she is suing Miss MG because she copied her design on the first photo down to the similar wall coloring and placement on the wall:) I just washed it off. As for the sharpie, thankful I have caught her with them before any damage is done. J leaves those and highlighters out all over, with all the highlighters he has you'd think he was cramming for mid terms. Anyway, I've never used the eraser, but I've heard they work magic, just don't let MG get a hold of it.


looks like you're going to go with Magic Eraser? haha....
good luck girl!

The BD

That's funny; I have the same fresh artwork on one of my windows courtesy of Bee. Looks like they went to the same art school.


So I just put a note in my brain to not allow wall writing of any kind. And I think the Magic Eraser will do its thing.

Hyphen Mama

ACK! I hope that magic eraser works on your floor. Also might try rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth...but first try a hidden spot to make sure it doesn't dissolve the lacquer.


yes! magic eraser! and we used to use the toothpaste trick all the time at the academy. on a side note (and not that i would ever admit to doing housework), magic erasers are hands down the best thing i've used for cleaning bathtub/shower scum...we always have at least a box on hand around this crazy house.

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