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August 05, 2008



Wow...lots of shoots!!! That's sooo cool!!! Exciting!!! Gives you something to do;) like you didn't have enough stuff to do huh?


you sure know how to stay busy! the new site looks great! :)


15,000 WOW!! Congrats!


Love the new site! Great job. Good Luck with the wedding shoot.


I LOVE your photography! I am putting you in my mental Rol-A-Dex for when we finally make it up to MN (my Dad's family lives in the Coon Rapids/Wyoming area and have been bugging us to come visit.) Of course, my mental Rol-A-Dex is much like any other mother's, and doesn't quite spin all the way around, so I will make no promises.


I checked out your new site and it looks great. Miss A looking fabulous. Have a great busy weekend.

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