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August 15, 2008



Man i love her dress!! You are such a good photographer....you need to come here and take some of our family!! :) (hint hint SOON:))


MAN!! I do not think I've ever seen a dress that beautiful. WOW!!


FRICKIN COOL dress!!!!


The first shot is amazing. I love the glow on the bride w/the bouquet.

Hyphen Mama

I must be getting really old, because they look really young! Too young!

She's gorgeous. That dress is amazing.

You do beautiful work.

BTW, when is your retail line coming out?


She looked gorgeous! Nice shots!

What lenses do you primarily use for outdoor wedding shots like these?


Wow - that dress is AMAZING! Beautiful pictures. And I am with Hyphen Mama - my goodness they look young!


Beautiful dress and pictures! Share your secrets, camera,lens,what program do you use for your photo touch ups.Etc. Etc.

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