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August 18, 2008


Kristi S

I hear ya!!! LOL


I have a problem with its and it's I usually spell out it is just so I get it right.
I'm with you on #4

Hyphen Mama

#3 is my HUGE PET PEEVE. If I'm reading a blog (or anything) and I run into all kinds of misused words, I usually close out of it.

Body's... as in belongs to the body? Belongs to the body by ralph. Yeah that makes sense.

OH that reminds me of the time a co-worker emailed me and said that what I'd told her "makes since".

I have to stop. I'll start my own list.


okay - i hope to god i'm not an offender of #3. eeeek!

i would have to say #4 is at the top of my list every single day! damn tourists!

good vent. :)

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