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August 19, 2008



All I do is watch TV because I was always so sick I just wanted to lay in bed and watch TV.


That show is great. Rarely do I watch it, but it sucks me in once I land on it.I love how the kids and Shannon bring him back to reality.
You got 3 doors down, dang, we had ted nugent.

Hyphen Mama

I got sucked into watching professional basketball playoffs when we were on vacation in Cancun one time--it was the Utah Jazz and somebody else. Then I worked with the Utah Jazz a few years later and that ONE time I'd watched them go through the finals was my only reference to their players. It appeared that I had a clue about them and basketball, when I really did not.

And then on vacation in Scotland one fall, my friend and I watched the UK version of Big Brother and were totally sucked in and when we got home had NO IDEA who got voted out. My husband thought I was nuts.

Funny how vacation can make it all okay to watch something you normally wouldn't.

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