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August 20, 2008



you've been busy!! hahaha


WOW that's alot of shoes, that made me chuckle, she is to cute for words.


Wow!! Doesn't she grow out of them fast? They make a beautiful picture.


OH MY GOD. Nuff said.


oh my goodness look at all those shoes! ha ha ha
Adorable pictures :)


WOW that is alot of shoes!! So it must run in the family that everyone loves shoes!! Trav has the same amount of shoes that i have!! Aubriee loves shoes too she wears them all over!! :)


emily would die!!! anytime you're looking to sell some of those beauties let me know, i have a little girl that would also love them very much!


I thought I was bad. I hope those aren't all in her current size. If they aren't I may have to give you a run for your money. I also see a Target clearance tag. Those are freebies in my book ;)


Oh my gosh!!! I don't think I even own that many shoes!!!

Hyphen Mama

HO-LEE CRAP!!! That answers that question!

That is the best! Super cute shoes. Super SUPER cute girl. Your daughter will be a model when she's older... she'll be so comfortable in front of the camera.

Kristi S

WHOA- she has more shoes NOW than I have ever had in my whole LIFE!!! For real.


HOLY COW! Are they all the same size? My husband would have a heart attack, he thinks the four pairs she has is too many! They sure are cute though :)

Denise H.

WOW! She and Leslies daughter Reyna are going to be some EXPENSIVE teenagers.

Priceless pics though. Too Cute!


Note to self: do not let Maren see that picture! She has exactly 3 pairs of shoes to her name, one of which is on their way out. They sure are cute - both Monkey and the shoes!


Oh my! Those pictures are adorable and the shoes all look SOOOOO clean! I can't imagine how many more shoes you have. :)


Oh My Goodness! Look at all those cute little shoes! Lexi only has one pair of Nike's but as soon as she's up and running around we'll be outfitting her in LOTS and LOTS of cute little shoes!

sus @ wigglerooms

OMG. Outrageous and completely darling. With an obsession like this, you should open a store and at least make a profit.


Oh my!! Has she/does she actually get a chance to wear all those?? Cute pics!

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