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August 13, 2008



That is the cutiest dress ever!!


Pretty darn brave of you to put a drum set in the house. Monkey Girl looking sweet as ever. That is a cute dress.


You are a wicked cool Mom! How fun for him . . . and how nice for you that you can just close the door to help muffle some of the noise! And Miss Monkey's dress is adorable! (And so is she!)


okay - you must be crazy! however, i bet hubs is just as pumped about the drums as jman! he does pretty good (and watching rube jam with him - priceless)!

that dress is adorable! i'm glad it finally fits her. thanks for the pictures. she is getting so big!


That dress is adorable!
And I LOVE the sharks on j's wall. Very cool.

Kristi S

Love that little dress! So cute


Can i come over and jam on the drums?! Totally sweet! That dress is way too cute!!!

Hyphen Mama

Look at her hair!! It'll be in piggy tails before you know it.

Great drums. I love "enter sandman". Now I'm going to have to dig out that cd.


How cool! J-man is just jamming away & Monkey girl is his #1 fan, Love it!

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