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July 16, 2008



How cute! I love those wobbly first steps! She'll be running before you know it!

PS I am still working on the order! Sorry, I thought I could get it done, but I'm still waiting on some people! Soon.


I love it. It's like she's walking a fashion runway. She takes a few steps down. Looks at herself in the patio window, then does a spin and comes back with a elegant tumble to end it.

It's fun watching them with their new mobility.


that. was. awesome.

i love that 'new walk'! too cute! in a few days...she's going to be running. :)


Seriously, she's ready for a Nike+. She's already faster than Robyn!! Hehe.



Aren't the wobbly steps the best. Sigh Mags is at full on run with a never ending tank. Love the update.


ahh the chase...i am very familiar with that.


hahah... CUTE!!

Ok, I think Ruby is 1/2 the size of Dane. omg....!!!

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