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July 21, 2008



NAAAAASTY! I'm glad you guys are okay! geez....

Your header just cracks me up. Too cute.....


Holy crap that's scary! Did the tornado do that or was it just really strong winds?

PS I love your banner, especially the last pic! Too darn cute!


Thank goodness your all safe with no house damage or to yourselves. Sounded very very scary and looks terrible.

Last year the 4 of us were at a outdoor Thomas the Train event and got stuck in a tornado warning. They put a couple hundred spectators in a dark, mustly, very very old shed/barn. It was scary and the winds/rain were blowing like crazy. I felt like texting or calling my family incase this was it for us. Luckily the tornado did not touch near us but it did about 10 miles away. So I know exactly what you went through.

Too bad about your trees and trampoline.

Hyphen Mama

Ack! That is so scary!


NICE!!! The storm we had last weekend was pretty nuts. I was without power here till SUNDAY from the storm that happened on Friday. Somehow the most recent storm pretty much skipped over us. That stinks about your car and trampoline!!!


wowie that's scary! if you need a car to run around in, i know the perfect little orange jelly bean for the job :)

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