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July 31, 2008



SO TOTALLY COOL!!!! I would love this bedroom NOW...as an adult!!! I love orange and bright colors. LOVE IT!!!


Oh it's so cute!
Love the color! Love the flower! Love everything so far! Great job!!


i am soo jealous! i want that! how adorable though, she's going to love that for many years to come!


That is going to be the sweetest room when you are done. You have Monkey Girl in a big bed already. PB is still in the crib. The one and only thing she cannot get out of yet. Though she is trying pretty hard these days.


That looks great! What does her middle name mean? It's very pretty! I can't wait to see the finished product!


unbelieveably CUTE. i LOVE it. i am working on the ideas for renee's room now so thanks for the inspiration!


Very very Cute!!! For her name you could use upper case living OR go to etsy.com (everything homemade)and search "vinyl wall art" and there are a ton of vendors that you can customize what color,lettering,size etc. probably cheaper too. check it out. The room is going to be AWESOME! Can't wait to see the finished project.

Denise H.

Jessica her room is looking so Good! I love everything about it! GOOD JOB! I can't wait to see the final project

Hyphen Mama

Do I detect a Hawaiian theme?

I watched a Best Of Hawaii show on the Travel Channel today and thought of you. What kills me is that my trip to Hawaii was so horrible, I've forgotten IT ALL. I've never even looked at the few photos we took. UGH. I MUST get back and create new memories that I'll keep.


Yeah, that's sooooo cute! Good job!


oh WOW! great job - perfect for her! very inspiring! you've done a lot of work!

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