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July 11, 2008



how fun! so many possibilities!
i'll have to email you tonight! :)

Denise H.

I love that material! If it was me, I would do a light orangy/peachy color covering 2 walls with a chair rail. Then on the other two walls I would use the orangy/peach color only on the bottom half of the chair rail and then paint above it white.

Then you could accesorize with pillows and bedding in similar colors and maybe in pok-a-dot and striped patterns.

That is so dang cute! I have seen so many cute little beach signs on Pottery Barn that would go great with it to. I have also seen a cute little clothes line mage hanging across a shelf with a cute little bikini hanging from it in a girls room before.

So many possibilities I can't wait to see it!


omg... let me think on it. then i'll put my 2 cents in...:)


I love that theme!! They have a ton of HA stuff at target i was going to get it for Aubriee but we found something else!! They have a grass skirt bedskirt it is super cute!! I love the color orange and pink i think that will look cute!! And at pottery barn they have surf boards that you can hang up and other things!! I hope you have fun decorating!!


That is going to be so sweet! I can't wait to see the finished room. I love the fabric. I wish I was a better sewer, or had a better sewing machine.


i am totally into the hawaiian theme, in fact, that's what my bedroom/master bath is. fun! i like the orange on the walls, i just love the whole idea!


That fabric is sweet! I looove the orange on the walls in that picture.
Can't wait to see what you come up with!!
Have fun!


How cute. I will be re-doing Annika's room soon. Not sure what, but I'm sure it will be fun!

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