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July 30, 2008



you're gonna be broke:) hehehe...


funny... our friend owns CES. or at least the baseball portion of it. my husband does their website. the wheel thing is crazy.


good lord. i grew up rink-side but have never seen anything like this. i guess that's because i grew up in the sticks!


SWEET!!! Hockey games are it!!! You'll learn to love it. Especially as he gets older and they improve. It's just so much fun. As long as you're not one of those mom's that freaks everytime he gets checked;)


It just comes down to "YOU LOVE YOUR BOY" and will put up with almost anything for a sport he loves. You both have great dedication. Who knows, in 10 years (well probably sooner at his rate) he could be getting a scholarship for college to play hockey.


I'm afraid we have lots of this in our future too...
thanks for the preview :)


I do love the sport, but you Minnesotans are crazy. Go J-man.

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