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July 24, 2008



ooooh! she's growing up so fast! i love that she talks on the phone - it is so cute to listen to their conversations!


Way too fast. PB does the dancing thing too. They are alike in a lot of ways. She sure is a talker, we are just getting going on the words. I've got exactly one month before the big 2.


I LOVE this age! Maren is into trying to jump right now - which basically amounts to stomping her foot really hard and then laughing hysterically. She is also a major talker when it comes to the phone - she puts it right up to her ear and cocks her head to the side and starts chatting away.


She is so sweet. They just grow way too fast and before you know it, they are 9! Bianca is obsessed with the phone too. I literally can't have a convo on the phone without her throwing a fit, she needs to talk! It really sounds like you are enjoying this age. It's amazing how quickly they learn things!


What a little doll. You're very lucky!


awwww, ruby, your momma loves you so much!!

crap, she can say a lot of words! good for her!

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