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July 22, 2008



these are so cute!


Your photography is AMAZING! What a beautiful couple, and what a great friend you are for helping them capture this particular moment in their life together. I hope we get to see pictures of their little one when she arrives!


Now you have done it, I am going to start saving my money for a trip. How cute is that watermelon one, I seriously almost cried on the river one.


Very cute. Love the watermelon picture!!!


I totally fell in love with that black and white photo!! I want one like that with my and trav to blow up and hang in our bedroom!! Very precious!!


of course, the watermelon is hilarious. love them all, beautiful.

look at you mrs. start-your-own-photography-business! and stay busy to boot!! Great job Jess!


That last photo is a riot! He's such a good sport!


These are wonderful! I wondered if you did them on Sat in between the tornados??....
I am so glad she did them and that you were the photographer. Priceless....

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