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July 22, 2008



That is an AWESOME kitchen set. My five dollar find just isn't the same now. I love those sets from Target we have the pans too, and the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich one too of course. That hat is the cutest. Monkey Girl looks like she's in heaven.


love it!! aubriee is gonna be so jealous :)


That is an adorable kitchen set. She'll be getting years and years of enjoyment out of it.

I love the size of it, it's not a dinky kitchen like most sets are and you can barely fit a pan on it without it all falling to the floor.

She's going to love all the counter and cabinet space, ha ha!

Better watch out, someday she may be taking over your kitchen.


wow, that is adorable! he should start a business...i'd pay a lot more for that than one of those ugly plastic ones!


How adorable! And how cool is it that it was handmade just for her? I love it :)


Wow, that kitchen is amazing. We have a little wooden kitchen, but nothing that gorgeous! What a lucky little monkey! Your hubs uncle rocks! She could become quite the gourmet chef!


NICE! ruby is so cute!


That thing looks HUGE!!! But sweet...think your husband's uncle can make me one for my apt?;) Just kidding..I already have one I don't use! haha


Oh my goodness, look at that thing! I'm nearly jealous of a kids' kitchen! That's wonderful.

Denise Harkey

That is the CUTEST kitchen! She is going to be cooking up a storm in that one. I LOVE that it has an actual faucet installed. So CUTE!

Hyphen Mama

Gorgeous kitchen! That'll bring her years of fun. And she couldn't be cuter in her little hat!


That is AWESOME! I am so glad I got our kids a kitchen set - Cooper still enjoys playing with it nearly two years later.

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