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June 22, 2008



Oh the poor thing! That looks like it hurts BAD!! I hate stiches they are not fun at all!! That is such a cute pic of monkey girl!! I hope you have a great vacation!! I can't wait to see the pics from it!! :)


ouch! poor dude! hope it heals fast. great shirt! she's adorable (as always).

happy vacation. :)


Owie, that looks like it hurt. What a trooper. Gosh, Monkey Girl is as darn cute as ever. I see hair, I do.

Have a Great Vacation!


That must have hurt - the poor kid!

I hope you guys have a blast in Hawaii!


Oooh, nice war wound!

Cute shirt and.....

Don't do anything I wouldn't do in Hawaii!:) hehe... kidding:)


Love the shirt - Not the Peanut! haha

That wound is vicious! Ouch, what a trooper.

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