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June 19, 2008



The only way that i can remember is the beginning of every month i go to the card shop and get all my cards for that month and gifts if need be. Then i come home and write on all them address them and set them in my special spot in the kitchen and mail them out three days before the special day. it seems to work for me!! I hope this can help you!! :)


I am really bad at following through with things. I forget everything if it's not written down. I hate that about myself. I make a lot of lists and write everything down. I can only imagine what it will be like when I am old and gray..UGH

Denise H.

I have a calendar that I document all important dates and birthdays on but I am a HUGE procrastinator. I am trying to be better but it seems that there is always something taking the place of things that are so important.

I also think that with the technology people don't stay in touch with letters and cards anymore. They send text messages, voicemails, emails and so on that aren't always as personal.


I use Google Calendar. I created a calendar specifically for birthdays, anniversaries and any other reoccurring events that I want to remember. Then I can unclick it when I don't want to see it.

Since I also use Google reader, I login to my calendar first to check what is going on for the day, then go on to reader to catch up on blogs. I do also have a daily planner that I keep in my purse/car that I can write things down in if I'm not near the computer.


I have a master calendar that I write everything on. If it's not on the calendar I forget. But the problem is that I've stopped looking at the calendar.


um, i am super horrible at keeping up with birthdays, holidays, pretty much anything. i will be reading everyone else's ideas for a cure. i do have a calendar that i think i will finally start using...soon. :)


I have no idea I'm bad at that stuff too.


I struggle with these things. I have been trying to write these things down, and as a result I am doing better at it!

Hyphen Mama

I've never done well at these things, so now that I have no time to remember...nobody notices the difference. I think of the birthday, or occasion often. But getting a card and gift in the mail on time is a whole different story.

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