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June 05, 2008



Well, I think as far as culture goes as an American, I'm ok with the lack thereof. I love the melting pot I come from. I can't dwell on something I will never have, I just need to focus on my values and what I want to teach my kids as an american. Good topic, very deep! Great pics too, what a little cutie!


I think culture is what you make of it. The melting pot that we are has created its own culture in a way. Look how different thing are done/said just by what part of the country you are in. I do wish I had some Old World culture or traditions. I wish J would embrace his native american bits more, but he doesn't.
The photos are awesome. He is a doll.

Hyphen Mama

If I knew what my varied ancestral cultures were, I might miss them. I don't know what they were, so I'm okay with the American "culture" I've got. I'm trying to create "tradition" for my kids in place of the lost culture.


What beautiful photos & what a handsome little man! He is very fortunate to grow up knowing so much about his heritage & the cultural backgrounds.
I myself am a Heinz 57 kind of girl. My Mother & I were just having this discussion the other evening. I claim to be 1/2 German & 1/2 Irish because of my temper & she informed me that I am mostly German, Scottish French & probably less Irish than I am aware of-I told her she is dashing my excuse for my snap temper!
Hope you have a great weekend!


Great photos!

I, too, envy those with close families, generations back. It seems that we as Americans are too much about ourselves to think further than our own generation. It's a shame.


what a beautiful boy! i too always envy those families who have cultural ties. my family is primarily irish...but no one seems to care!

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