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June 26, 2008



OUCH!!!! That makes me cry just looking at it. Floyd I hope you get some relief soon and can enjoy the rest of your vacation. Sorry, but i don't have any good sunburn remedies. Maybe a stiff drink will keep your mind off of it??


Cold Aloe!
Ouch, that looks so sore :(


Oh my word that looks horrible!! Man i feel for him!! ALOE ALOE ALOE!!!!


Ummmm, sunscreen to start. Then some pure aloe. Ouch, that looks painful. Oh and I agree with Chanley, a stiff drink will help!


did someone say reb lobster for dinner?! hehehe! ouch though. noxema works very well. they also made an aloe gel with lidocaine to numb the pain. good luck!


sweet jesus!

give me your address and hawaii and i'll overnight you some sunscreen!

Hyphen Mama

HOLY COW! Was he snorkling?


OUCH, I know that feeling all to well.
noxema, aloe, and after the sun lotion.


Sweeeeeet Jesus!

I bet you are having a blast!! See you soon!!



We use baking soda - make a paste with water and put on. It really does take the sting out.

LeeAnn Howard

Oh WOW! Did he fall asleep or something? I also get Banana Boat After Sun Lotion. Its got Vitamin E, Aloe in it to help keep moisture in and heel it fast. Straight aloe gel or aloe plant helps good too!


this pic is from the LAST trip. that was after snorkeling!

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