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June 02, 2008



I was wondering where you went the other day and then thought, "I bet she's in Hawaii, the lucky girl." Make time for what is important...I don't read blogs at home at all either...just from work. Shhh, don't tell!


I thought you were in Hawaii!!! Duh! Well I am glad things are going well for you. That's one big lawn you have there. Talk to you later.


I understand you girl. It's fun to read up on posts and make my own posts but it is very very time consuming. I find myself posting consistently for a while then dropping the ball for a few weeks. We've been up to alot of fun things but finding time to sit down from 45mins-1 hr (each day) to write and post photos just hasn't found it's way in my routine. Also the last few weeks we've had guests (my mom and mom-in-law) visiting us (different weeks) and our guest room is my office so I cannot get on the computer later in the evening to post stuff. I have my office back now so hopefully I'll get stuff on my blog again soon.
I agree with that much land you need someone with big machines to cut your lawn. Since you don't mind it being long, they could come bi-weekly.
Enjoy your days rollerblading. I have a double jogger stroller and do the same with Jake and Casey. We have a few parks around here with paved paths. I cannot just go out in my neighborhood, the sidewalks/streets are all cracked/holes that I would fall on my face.


after next weekend, i'll be on a blogging hiatus as well. eeek! :)


It was nice to see you bloging again! I sure missed your blogs but i understand with the summer here now you don't want to spend all day at the computer!! i know i am not on the often anymore!! I hope you have fun rollarblading...i can't wait to get back to biking and rollarblading again!!


Glad you didn't leave altogether! Just post a photo every now and then if you're strapped for time - your photography is amazing. Yeah for being busy in the studio!


I was getting worried for a minute. Monkey girl on the phone has to be the sweetest thing. PB wont say anything yet, she just stopped pushing it away. Hmm roller blading, I wonder if I can get mine back. That sounds like fun.


Yes, save your money for spending when you get here! You'll find so many things you'll want to buy here.


Yay a post! I too thought you were in Hawaii & was trying to do the math +/- 29 days & was just waiting for some awesome pictures & a wirlwind post.
I second that on the lawn! I despise cutting ours unless I get to use the rider. Pay it out & be done I say. Hope your week is going well!


hey girl! thanks for the update!

Hyphen Mama

Glad to see you. I hope you write when you get time, but I know how hectic it is being summer and FINALLY can get out and do fun things.

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