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May 01, 2008



Exchanging services is an awesome idea!


Exchanging services like you described is a great idea! However, for that you happen, one would have to actually be able to provide some type of useful service. I can't think of anything I'd be able to give in a bartering situation...except for maybe babysitting time. I watch your kid one day, you watch mine the next kind of thing.


When my kids were young we traded babysitting, as Carrie suggested. Later, when I worked in the automotive industry, I traded all the time, usually automotive things, an air conditioner for a set of tires, a cruise control for a paint job. My best trades at the time were when I traded something with a Limo company, so my girls could have limo rides to their high school dances and proms.


I would barter away many many things if it meant I never had to work again.


1st of all, love your new banner! Very cute! I LOVE the barter system. I do the exact same thing with my hair dresser. I have done about 3 photo sessions for her now and it has worked out great!


I have been thinking of the same idea! I would love to be able to do this for a haircut and maybe facial! =)

Hyphen Mama

I would LOVE to barter. I'll do your finances, get your budget balanced and you clean my house. See? Works great. Growing up my brother was the biggest barterer (my dad called it Horse Tradin'). He'd come home with all kinds of stuff he'd traded for something he no longer needed. Today he's an ebay junkie.

I'm afraid people in the Big City just don't do these kinds of things anymore. Bummer.

Hyphen Mama

Where did my first comment go? Awe heck. I'll try again.

I would love to trade services. I'd do your finances and get your budget balanced, get your investments in order and you clean my house. I think that would be great!
My brother was a 'horse trader' as my dad called it, when we were growing up. He came home with all kinds of stuff he'd traded for things he no longer needed.

I think people in the Big City just don't do things like that anymore.


i need to barter. tell me the people your parents barter with and maybe i could do the same. hahaha! kidding. the only people i barter with is my parents (i'll watch natalie on this night if you take tucker on that night). :)

seriously, it should be 'we accept cash, check or barter'. :)

Denise H.

I love the Barter System! You scratch my back, I scratch yours. We have used it often. I with pictures, and my husband with his endless supply of skills.


You KNOW I love the Barter system. What I love about it is.... the harder you work/the better your skill, the more you have to Barter. Which these, I feel like there are too many people just skimming by and not working hard! WORK ETHIC, PEOPLE! Anyway, now I just need to find a trade-able skill.


Growing up north too we always used the barder system! The best thing ever! I haven't used the barder system yet in Ohio but hopefully soon!
PS now i need to see a pic of this new haircut sounds very cute!!


If I could barter all the time, that would be awesome...that way everyone benefits. I might need to start trying this with friends or coworkers. Great post!


No way! What a score! I love the barter system with all my heart.


I believe in the barter system whole heartedly. I just wish I had a skill to barter with.


Can't say that i remember ever using the barter system...but I seriously NEED to find someone to barter with about my hair!!! I have so much hair (my hair is super thick and very long)...it always costs me at least $150 to get it done...and I'm needing to get it done in about three weeks...hmmm

Sarah S.

I would love to barter if I had something to offer in return. The only thing we've done was had a friend and her son watch our son at our house and in return we provided dinner, snacks, a place to stay for the night since we were out late and breakfast in the morning. We don't have many friends with kids yet so exchanging babysitting doesn't quite work but now you've got me thinking. Maybe I'll come up with something and start bartering more :-)


Gosh, I wish I had something to trade! I'm jealous. I could use a good hair cut, or massage, or pedi. The list just goes on.

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