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May 15, 2008



Well, I suck at this so I'm not one to give advice. But I think maybe a giftcard to....pun intended...APPLEbees...haha...apple - teacher. ok not funny. But maybe just a simple thank you card for the bus driver? Or cookies or something?

Hyphen Mama

Hold on, my head just exploded with the "USPS postage increase" information. I heard it mentioned a few days ago, but didn't realize it was RIGHT NOW. I ordered new stamps last week and got 41 cent stamps. Now I have to go buy 100 one cent stamps.

Okay, I'm better now.

I try really hard to get a thank you card in the mail within a few weeks of receiving the gift. If it's for Wynnie, I try to have her sign the card, even though I write the actual note. I used to try to get pics of the gift in action (like my grandma makes my kids sweaters and I take pictures of the kids wearing them), but now I'm getting to where I only do that for close family.

I like the idea of baked goods for the bus driver and teacher.

Denise H.

I sent homemade thank you cards to every single person who gave us a gift at our wedding if I could find their address. Their gift and sharing in our happiness meant so much to us.

I also try to make sure that I use an item given to us by someone when they come over just to show them that their gift was not wasted.

However, I agree with after having the baby not having the time to send out Thank you Cards to everyone. I never expect to get a thank you card but it is always nice to get one knowing that the person received and enjoys the gift.

Like Mel said, a Gift Card (maybe for a movie), cookies and a card.


I try to acknowledge all gifts with a thank-you note sent via snail mail. I just consider it a polite and nice gesture. Sometimes though I will just do the thanking in person, or over email. But generally I make it a point to send a card. There have been a few times I've sent a gift and never had it acknowledged- then you wonder if the person received it or if the mailman is using it or what. I once had to ask a friend, about 6 months after her wedding, if she rec'd the restaurant gift certificate I had sent...worried my $50 went down the tubes! I rec'd a thank-you card from her w/in the week...not sure if she was waiting for reminders from gift-givers, or what.

Anyway, as a teacher, I can offer some advice on what NOT to give your son's teacher: candy (they won't want to eat it, even though they WILL want to eat it!), chochki knick-knack type items, perfume. Some good ideas would be a gift card to a restaurant or book store, or to a teacher supply store.


Re: Thank you notes. Always a good practice. From my grandkids, thanks are sparse, their gifts don't stop, but aren't as wonderful as they might be if I thought they were appreciated.

Re: Teacher/Bus Driver gifts - Gift Cards are the way to go. Teachers are not rich, usually, and Gift Cards for what they might need are great. Bookstore, Restaurants, Target or Grociers. I agree with Anne, on the things they don't need.


I try to always send thank you notes, I like getting them. I haven't done any for school yet, but I should some of the day care ladies are awesome.

Kristi S

It bugs me when i don't receive thank yous for things that are a big deal....like weddings! There have been a few that I never received a thank you for and I think it is just rude! It makes me wonder if they ever even got my gift, ya know? So yes, it is especially nice to get the acknowledgment.


i need to be better about sending thank you's. i try to, but i seriously need to make it more of an effort. tucker's have not been sent out yet. eeeek!

oh, and i'd go with the baked goods to show appreciation! :)


As a child, my mom made my brother and I write thank you notes for everything. But now, I am so busy with school, work & child... (and I know it isn't an excuse because some of these people buying gifts for us have the same problems) but I find it harder for me to find time for myself to write thank yous. As a single mom, I try to teach my daughter that she needs to write thank you notes to people, but I always get "dad doesn't make me do these!" So it is hard. I definately do want to make a more constant effort to write and mail them. It is more of a pain for me to get them to the post office!

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