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May 08, 2008


Hyphen Mama

I came upon being a SAHM by accident. I'd worked for years and intended to continue working. My position was "liquidated" when I was 5 weeks into my 6 week maternity leave. I was left with the option of taking a position that would require more time at work (plus an hour commute EACH way) or staying home and being poor. I chose being home. I was NOT prepared for the feelings of lack of accomplishment. It took over a year to get into a groove. I'm a list maker, so I can check things off and feel accomplished.

Now we're into a schedule with me taking care of all preschool pickup and drop offs and all kid related things. Wynnie will be done with school in 2 weeks and I'm sure we'll have an adjustment period for that.

Hang in there! It'll come. It just takes time.

Hyphen Mama

I was the money maker for the first years of our marriage, it KILLED me giving up my paycheck. I kind of liked being the "bread winner". I could buy things and I didn't have to ask, because it was my money. I'm still freaky about that.

BUT you're getting your business off the ground. You have to give yourself credit for doing that. Most people don't have the courage.


I thought I'd be all about a schedule at home with my kids, as I taught preschool for ten years and not only do I know about how kids neeeed consistency, but I THRIVED on my schedule and lesson plans.
We do have a very fluid schedule, but I found myself where you are Jess, feeling unproductive and like the days were just slipping by feeling like they were often full of "nothing".
I put myself on a weekly schedule to start... Monday's a cleaning day, Tuesday was full of dance class, errands and preschool, Wednesday is laundry day, Thursday was our morning to do a kid project, "field trip" or fun thing together, and Friday is a more laid back relax, free for all, get ready for the weekend kind of day. It helped me tremendously. Then I didn't feel like my chores were always waiting for me, like I had to be doing cleaning/laundry everyday, that everything was so fly by the seat of my pants/do whatever we feel like doing all week. We are super flexible with our schedule, and do other things in and around it; on Wednesdays for example... I get all the laundry done at once, but I just do it where it fits, sometimes all out of the way in the morning, sometimes a load here and there throughout the day while we do other stuff. It's my day to ACCOMPLISH laundry, but it's not the only thing in that day. That's how our week works.


I have a pretty set schedule for the most part. I get up at 4:45 get ready for work, be at work by 5:45. work til 2. Pick up PB, go for a walk/run to park or errands. Eat at 5 unless J is going to be home then 6. Play watch tv, 8:30 PB goes to bed, My time, in bed at 10. My days off are the nonschedule days. though they are similar.


You know me... no schedule, no work/job. What I have to do sometimes, to feel like I've gotten some stuff done, is POWER clean/laundry/pickup for a few hours straight. Then, I feel like I did something:)
I do love routine and schedule though, don't get me wrong!

Denise H.

Ha! I wish that I could put me on a schedule. My day varies from day to day although my work hours are always the same. Some nights I go to bet at 10:00 other nights like last night I go to bed at 1:30. I used to have a schedule though and I seemed to get a lot more done. Monday Nights - Laundry, Tuesday Nights - Veg and Relax, Wednesday Nights - Clean Up House and so on...


I stick to a schedule for certain things. We wake up at a certain time, eat and nap at certain times but things in between vary. I need a schedule to function otherwise things just get away from me. But, I think that the girls need it to or they get really crabby.

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