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May 04, 2008



I held one last summer:) And browsed the internet on it.. :) I thought it was pretty cool!
E would love one! But we have stupid Alletl. Have you even heard of Alltel?!


So jealous. I wanted to switch back to at&t, but J wasn't having it. And yes, Jaime, I have heard of alltel, that's what we have, I don't ming it. I hate my stinking red razor though, hate it!!!!!!


My only hope of getting an iPhone is if Verizon does it because it seems that I've sold my soul to them and it's next to impossible to have any other cell phone provider.

The cell phone melting story had me laughing so hard this morning...they really should make those things to tolerate 450 degree oven.


Oooh, now I have cell phone envy.

And washing and baking the phone is something I will make a mental note to avoid at all costs.

Kristi S

I was going to buy it months ago, but I am holding out for the 3G release this June :)
Glad you love yours!


I haven't been able to get into the iphone. But maybe if I HAD one, I'd learn to love it. Blogging on the road? Awesome! LOL


Totally wish I had AT&T....but alas...I have verizon:)

Hyphen Mama

I'd LOVE an iphone. But I've got verizon. UGH. But my verizon is free, so I can't complain.


maybe someday we will have something other than verizon.

it sounds like something i NEED. :)

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