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May 12, 2008



Studio is lookin' awesome!

Love the bow in monkey girls hair. Does she keep them in? I got a few months from Casey where she didn't know they were there (age 9 months-15 months). Then we went through a long period of her ripping out any bow, headband, hair tie etc... A huge clump of hair came with them too. Uggghhhh.

Since about age 2 she has kept them in her hair and she doesn't mind me making her hair look cute each morning. I love putting bows in.


Yay!! Studio is looking good! And monkey girl, is looking older!! Very cute! love the hair bow!!


The floor looks great!! I love the hair bow in Monkey girls hair!! Very cute!

Hyphen Mama

The studio is coming together nicely.

Very cute bow!


lookin' good!

(the little monkey too!!)


i am lovin' the floor! your little monkey gets cuter every day!


The floor is looking good! Monkey girl is as beautiful as ever. She is such a sweetie.

michelle sauer

Looks great! Love the bow, too cute. I can't wait to come and get pics taken in your new studio. Maybe June Will it be done then? Let me know and we'll get something set up!

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