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May 02, 2008



This is sooo cute. Makes me envious I don't have a little one to talk about....kind of, lol. Definately not ready for that yet, but maybe sometime within the next 5 years:) Cheers to being one:)


She's so cute and I like her sass. I can't believe mine is going to be one in two months. I remember thinking during those first few weeks that she would NEVER get big and here we are!


Love it. Except... you're making me feel like my kid might be about 3 months behind. Haha... Can point to her eyes, ears, and nose already!! That's AWESOME!!


She's a smart little girl and oh so cute!


i love snugglers! :)


What a CUTIE! :-) I love how you record all their milestones...great idea!


she's a big girl now!

Hyphen Mama

If we could just keep them "baby" for a bit longer.


I miss some of those things. She is a lot like PB. I love round baby bellies and snuggles!!


Wow, now that's a list! You are very good at those lists. I always forget things when it comes time to write it all down. They turn into toddlers so fast though, it's crazy!

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