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May 20, 2008



WOW!!! That was a VERY stressful morning!! Our morning was nothing like that! We didn't go anywhere!! Just hung out in Aubriees bedroom cooking in her kitchen!! I hope the rest of your day is better!! :)


Oh my goodness that is quite the morning. Let me write you a note for that nap.


You need more than a nap you need a shot of liquor...or two shots!

That was unbelievable. You made me feel tired just reading all that you went through. I've have had times like that and it takes so much out of you.

Have a wonderful nap today.

Kristi S

OMG Jessica!!! What a horrible morning!!! I hope the rest of today has been much better!!


You poor thing! I hope things are getting better by now! I bet that vacation can't come soon enough!


OMG, hope the rest of your day goes well. Mine's just great.


Wow! How long did it take you to put that post together? Amazing!

Hyphen Mama

Yeah, I'd have been in tears long about 7:04. You get 10 bonus points for neither crying nor killing somebody.


Wowsers, what a day. I think kids have a 6th sense for pooping right before you get in the Dr's office.


Frick..... is today better:)? I'm sure it couldn't be worse!! Way to get there on time!
That gas station CC thing happened to me last week too:) That's what we get for having to fill up both vehicles, huh:)?


holy mother - i hope things have improved since yesterday morning! if that was me i would have been committed. :)


Oh man...well my morning was spent house searching...with no luck...and then taking a "scenic route" back home (cuz i had time to kill and figured "why not")...there was not ONE thing scenic about the road except it was 55mph (not 70) and it was a 2-lane..not a 4-lane...AND I had to pee like a race horse and there wasn't ONE friggin' gas station the whole 60 miles....not as bad as your morning...but it wasn't fun.

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