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May 12, 2008



I love your posts jess!! that one was LOL!!! You gotta love kids and there innocence!!


hahaha - that's awesome. :)


Hahaha, that is seriously good stuff.

Hyphen Mama

Very funny! That's how little 'isms' get started in our house. Then we can never use the real word again, we only use the 'ism'.

alter eagle! LOL

michelle sauer

That's too funny, classic! What a smart kiddo you have there!


Let's just hope that Alter Eagle doesn't up the ante to drinking a six-pack at age 12.

Kristi S

That is too funny! My dad used to tell us about our "brother", Jason. Jason used to do really stupid stuff all the time (and it ended up killing him). There really was no brother Jason, but my dad liked to use him as an example for what NOT to do!


Too funny. Hubs is pretty smart to create an Alter Eagle, too bad his memory is failing. Good for J-man, he got Dad good.


LOL alter eagle.


That is friggin' HILARIOUS!!! Kids sure do say the darnedest stuff huh? Not that I know personally, but you know;)


Where have I been???? This is funny!!!

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