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May 21, 2008


michelle sauer

What a terrible morning you had yesterday! You would think it was Friday the 13th! I'm glad to hear Ruby survived and here's to hoping she's not allergic. Peanuts are a bad thing to be allergic to, not to mention kids love PB!


Cute baby and nice hardwoods:)


She is the cutest little girl ever!! :) I love her cute little smile!! Also cute outfit!!


Darling photos. Your morning yesterday was overwhelming. Good luck with the allergy testing. One of my daughters had food allergies. They didn't cause typical rash or breathing reactions, so her allergies were hard to diagnose. She was allergic to peanuts, milk products, chocolate, and tuna! Life was hard for her, for awhile, until we all got it dialed in. She outgrew all of those allergies by the time she was 18, thank God.


She. Is. Precious.


She. Is. Precious.

Hyphen Mama

Oh! I love the last one with her little chubby hand...and bandaid.




I just want to eat her cheeks. Love the window shot!!


cutie-pa-tutie :) i think aubriee needs to go see her doctor, all she got was medical tape instead of a fun bandaid ;) and yes, i think they got their ears from the same gene haha!


Wow! Those look like professional shots! Love it!


Wow! What a week you have had! Hope the results come out okay for poor little Monkey Girl :(It is so hard to wait to give them food when all they want is a little bite to eat! I never played by the rules w/ my kids w/ anything; eggs, peanut butter, honey, etc.

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