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May 15, 2008



wow. he can act as my travel agent from now on. :)

btw - that's bs they wanted to charge you more - it was their issue, not yours!

Hyphen Mama

Go Hubs!!! I would have made my husband take care of it from the very beginning. Somehow his way of doing things works better than mine, even when I try to follow all the rules.

And it's total garbage that they wanted to charge you more!


That's awesome. Anytime the word "attorney" is used people's buttholes pucker up real quick like;)


Oh its nice to have a cool "fighter" in the family! Best of luck!


Man, you have quite the guy, handy and talks the talk on the phone. My husband is the one who hands me the phone, usually because he can't understand the outsourced customer service.
I hope it is all worked out and you have a fantastic time.

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