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April 08, 2008



That is great that they love your work! BUT WHO WOULDN'T!! You do a great job!


Congratulations Jess!
I love that design. Here's to great success in your future. P.S. Come on over anytime. I am in laundry mode today so enter at your own risk! Bill has the van since the car is getting fixed today so he is dropping off and picking up Luke...


You must be flying high. With the hard decision of quitting your job and doing this design thing on your own you must be feeling pretty good that in such a short time there is a company interested. It give you hope of more to come. Fantastic news. Very cute design.

Holly Tye

WOW! That's great news! Keep us posted! :)

Hyphen Mama

I was just thinking the other day, looking at your header, that if I could get some bed sheets with your artwork on them... I'd be in HEAVEN. Can you work on that? Your stuff just makes me happy. Keep us posted WHEN it all comes out and where we can get it. And it will... you're just that good.


Congrats, that's awesome!!


rock on...


That is SO fantastic! Congratulations!


Great news! It sounds like I might just know an up and coming famous person! Congratulations!


That is awesome girl. From what I've seen your stuff rocks. How can they not love you?


That's fantastic. I hope they use your stuff. How much more rewarding is this? I bet you are just reeling! If we lived closer, I would take you out to celebrate!


gotta love it! i'm so happy for you! :)


YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!! That's so frickin' amazing!!!


Congratulations! That is awesome news.

Kristi S

Great news! That is awesome, I hope they select several of your designs!
Congrats on the new camera too!

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