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April 17, 2008



Oh man, I'm right along with ya on this one. People annoy the living CRAP out of me when I'm driving. I'm constantly yelling at people (in my car of course so it does nothing)..but man. I think of myself as a "good" driver too. I've been in two accidents, both involving a deer...so not really my fault. Bad drivers are quite possibly my biggest pet peeve!!!

Hyphen Mama

Yep! I'm there, too. I talk constantly in the car saying "do you really think I'm going to let you in if you don't signal? all I need is a signal and you're in..." Wynnie will say from the back seat "mom, who are you talking to?" I'm efficient, as well. If everybody else would follow the rules, we'd get along great. I've been in 3 accidents...hit 3 times by other STUPID people.


Ok, I like the new header. cute baby.
I guess I'm a little bit "car anxiety". The best giggle I get from driving is when somebody puts on their blinker for left, and they turn right. Haha.. you just KNOW they are out of it!
I've thought about getting paper for signs, as well. But, I always thought a neon sign would be better. I didn't know which message would work best, or be most efficient. But I've definitely had some ideas:)

Kristi S

I have become a much better driver after taking great advice from my man (who is an awesome driver)but I get annoyed with other drivers too! In fact, I posted a long list of driving tips on my blog a few years back...I will be posting a link to it on my blog in the next few days (stay tuned for my 3-year Blogiversary post!)


On Tuesday while returning from one of Jake's classes we go through a green light and car in front of me is slamming on his brakes. I look up and it's because the car in front of him slammed his brakes. I quickly stop (very close from hitting the car in front of me). I'm also looking behind me and hoping the car behind me has room to stop, then I see that he found room in the lane to the right of us and quickly moved over. I'm yelling and beeping my horn not knowing why this person 2 cars ahead is stopping. I look much further ahead of us (about 1/4 mile) and see a pavement patching crew with their big arrow flashing. Now why in the world world did this guy (I could see he was male) slam his brakes when he sees the arrow. Why not check your mirrors and find your turn to merge over (but without slamming your breaks, do it gradually. Most people will let you in when there is construction ahead. We had plenty of time to do that. I was very frustrated and Jake asks me who I'm yelling at. And I tell him that this guy is not driving safe and I'm mad at him for almost causing an accident. We get pass the construction and we pass the guy and of course he was on his cell phone. IDIOT! I hate that!
If necessary I use my cell phone while driving, but I try to be as attentive and safe as I can (knowing I'm a bit distracted on the phone).
I don't have much patience for drivers like this but of course with the kids in the car with me (almost all the time) I need to control my frustration.


i can get a bit grouchy but that is about it. hubby on the other hand has some major road rage!

Michelle Sauer

I am soooo like you. Exactly the same. I'm sure my kids will do the same! It's sad, but I can't help it. I hate stupid drivers and I wish I had a loud speaker to yell at them! Great post!


oooooo don't get me started on road rage...i was fine until i moved to colorado. i haven't been able to kick it since (not my fault, stupid drivers fault). i like the sharpie and paper idea...although i've been secretly working on a screen that will be mounted to the top/rear of my car so all i have to do is type in a message and have it displayed in kind english to the individual at fault. :)


I don't honk or give the finger, but I cuss people out under my breath. I may ride someones bumper if they won't get out of the dang passing lane. I hate when you know the lane is closing and people zoom by and then expect you to let them in. Those are my biggies.


i hated driving 61 in the summer! tourists are the worst! i am always yelling at people in my car (i live on the range now, it's to be expected) and how come people don't know how to navigate a four way stop. not really that hard people. i think you paper and sharpie idea is great!


hahaha! you don't know how many times i've wanted to put a sign in my window for other moron's to read. ergh! driving 61 all year long is enough to send anyone to the looney bin.

i have a low tolerance for drivers that drive on the shoulder for extended periods of time - thinking it is another lane, or for drivers that slow down/stop in the road at every driveway until they find their turnoff because they are fricken lost or something...the list goes on. i know i have road rage. the funny thing is - i get frustrated when matt gets road rage and i'm riding with him - hahahaha! :)


I am such a calm driver NOT! I am low tollerance for idiot drivers :) I want a scrolling message bar on the back of my vehicle where I can type or text messages to the dolt drivers who make stupid mistakes like cutting people off, etc.
No honking, no international sign language (the finger) just a message, if they can read, ha!

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