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April 10, 2008



I have serious problems with the at-home party. For the same reasons as you. It's not that I don't want my friends to get tons of free stuff, it is because I don't NEED any of the stuff I need to buy so they can get said free stuff. Like you said, it is always so expensive!


Nope, I don't do it! I'll go to Tastefully Simple parties and that's about it. Otherwise I get suckered into buying high priced stuff I don't need! I did host an art party once after I went to one and I would totally do it again. We got tons of art at fabulous prices. Otherwise, I don't go. Oh well!


I also have issue with the at home party. A friend of mine is having a pampered chef party - and I don't have that many real life friends - so I'm going. But I don't really WANT to go. I have guilt. She's hosting the party to get a discount and get the free stuff....and that only happens if I spend money....but I don't really want to spend money on any of that stuff. Oh the drama.


I've had some real nightmares with at-home parties I've attended and feeling pressure and stuff. Ugh. That's exactly what I hate about it; THE PRESSURE. If everyone could just relax, check out the stuff, have fun hanging out, I'd go and (and host) a lot more of them.
I do like the rare ones I go to that are simply here's our stuff, maybe have a crop, maybe try some products, have a little wine and food and chat, but the rep is obviously not expecting or pressuring anyone to buy anything they don't really want... and I wish there were more reps out there like that! That's why I rarely go unless it's honestly something I'm interested in buying (like Uppercase Living -love that stuff!!) or if it's someone I know and know they aren't salesmanly... haha! how's that for a word?!
Oh, and I always tell myself I do not HAVE to buy anything!!


Good topic:) I generally make it a point to NOT attend these parties. Lots of friends/acquaintances were really into having these parties a few years back, but it's kind of tapered off now. However, just the other weekend I was invited to a CAbi clothing party. Anyone heard of this? The consultant brings a wardrobe of clothing, and the invitees at the party are able (expected) to try clothes on- in front of everyone else trying stuff on- to see what they like. And it was EXpensive. As in, a cotton tank top for $50 expensive. One of my best friends hosted the party, and I was eager to get out of the house, see her and chat with some other people I knew, so I told my friend I'd love to come to her party, but that I was NOT going to buy anything. I told her if that was going to be a problem then I wouldn't come...but she was a gracious hostess and said she'd love my company anyway:) It's definitely much better if it's a no-pressure environment.


I like the social aspect of these, though I do not like being pressured to buy. Ocassionally, I will go and buy something if it's something that I really want, but I do not give in to pressure. Some sellers are real pushy and that just turns me off. I could do an entire post about a Mary Kay lady!

Good post!


i am so bad. i just don't go to these things...i feel weird about them and don't really have an interest.


I don't care for at-home-parties. I'm invited to tons of them and I usually don't go. I always feel obligated to buy, and if I don't buy something I feel like a cheapskate. I like going for the social aspect, but I hate the overpriced products.


I don't care for at-home-parties. I'm invited to tons of them and I usually don't go. I always feel obligated to buy, and if I don't buy something I feel like a cheapskate. I like going for the social aspect, but I hate the overpriced products and the pressure to spend money on things I probably won't use.


Interesting post....I sell Arbonne on the side, so I had to try and have people host parties for this. The best approach I had with this is a "Leave your checkbook at home" party. That way, people can still come, eat, drink, hang out and socialize and then try the products to see if they like them and will use them. I hate the pressure of having people go to a party and then feeling obligated to buy something. I feel the same way about going to parties too. If I do go, I decide beforehand if I am going to buy something or if I am not going to buy anything, I'll leave my wallet in the car. That way, I don't feel bad during the party and then impulse buy when everyone is ordering. Great topic!


Honestly, often times I'll go. I guess I'm interested in some more than others, of course.
If it's an item under $15, I don't mind feeling obligated to buy. If it's more than that, I just don't buy. But I'm in for your free food and drink:)

Hyphen Mama

I don't go to any of them. I've got 2 great excuses to be too busy (toddler and preschooler). I did, however, call my neighbor a few weeks ago and ask her if I could get some Arbonne from her. She invited me to her next party and I bought stuff because I wanted it. She's a no pressure person, though. I don't go to any other ones.
I've never even heard of some of the ones mentioned here. Thank goodness!


i have been selling mary kay for well over a year, i do not do parties and offer 30 to 40% off the price so the stuff is affordable to ordinary people like myself. i just sell it so i can get it at cost and so other people can afford to use it. i do believe in their products, but do not want to push it or make a profit. if i want anything from any other party distributers, i usually get ahold of them instead of going to a party and feeling obligated to buy. i don't like that feeling.


I usually go to them just to get out. I do hate the pressure, I don't do the jewelry anymore, I'd buy it and return it. i never wear it. If more people did what Cheryl did we wouldn't have to have the darn things and could just have a girls night out.


oh, the wonderful world of in-home parties. the only parties i like are pampered chef (for the food) and stampin' up (for the projects, food, and girl time). otherwise, it's pretty much a waste of my time and money. i get invited to a lot of parties from people at work and i never go. the crap would just build up in a closet somewhere. :)


I love going to the Tastefully Simple Parties and the purse parties but other than that I don't go.

Kristi S

I don't usually like those type of parties, so I don't go unless I know all the girls and know we'll have more fun eating and drinking. You know the art party Michelle mentioned that she got tons of free stuff? Probably because I spent $1600 or something ridiculous. And I am NOT joking. I love art and these are original pieces, so I figure it was worth it!

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