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April 01, 2008



i fell asleep in tucker's bed last night. that was AWESOME. i think you'll totally be able to come up with 100 designs! good luck!


I agree with Jen. 100 is a piece of cake!!!;) Looking on the bright side, you only have 70 more to do:) There's no snow here anymore either....It's BEAUTIFUL and I wore my FLIP-FLOPS yesterday AND today:) I. LOVE. SUMMER.


i used to be a serious morning person, but i am starting to enjoy the calmness of evenings more and more. i guess that's part of parenting.


Geez... you could have gotten him Invisalign braces! Mean Mommy! :)

Good job on the design! I bet they look great!

How's the studio coming along?


I'm sure you can get a 100 done. I have to take the boy in to the orthodontist in 2 weeks. They are waiting for all his baby teeth to come out. 12 years old and still has baby teeth. I don't get it.


you can so do 100. you are uber talented. btw i LOVE the new header.

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