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April 12, 2008



yeah, i'd go with the baked goods. that's sweet he plowed you out. matt's buddy came and plowed us out while matt was at work yesterday - i love people that are NICE!


My neighbor does our driveway EVERY TIME we get a big snow fall. It is done before we can even get our boots on. I bring cookies and cakes and whatever else I'm making over to his house all of the time. Just so he keeps coming! :)


That was so awesome - of course, not the snow though. I would make cookies or something. I think that's a great gesture.

Kristi S

I am not sure what would be appropriate to give him in return, but thats awesome!


What a great guy. It's karma, baby. Baked goods are a good idea, and keep your eye open for how to help him or his family out.


What a great man! Definitely baked goods. Or, if he's singel, throw together a hot dish for him. He'd probably love a free dinner!




baked good always rock!

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