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April 26, 2008



this weather stinks. we are getting flurries here but nothing is sticking to the ground.


What the.... I guess I won't complain about spending two hours at a baseball game when it was only 53 degrees and windy. I won't complain - I won't! I hope better weather is coming your way!


God, I'm sorry for you. It's 95 here today. Sorry.


Please don't tell me that's coming my way! Our flowers just decided to bloom and it'll kill spring as it's happening.


I'm amazed that Michigan hasn't had snow! LOL! Luckily we've had 80* days last week... although this weekend has been in the 60's. Snow... sorry that you're stuck with it but better you than me HAHA! ;)

Hopefully it'll melt and you won't see it until next winter!!

Hyphen Mama

Yes. Flurries here today, too. Luckily they didn't stick. We're hoping for 60 tomorrow. I hope yours melts soon.


UGG, I was wondering if you were in the part of MN that was supposed to get snow.

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