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April 02, 2008



Oooopps. Guess you'll keep those in a different place now.

(Regarding your post on my site): Yes please come visit us anytime this summer. I may have a chance to make it your way in August sometime. I'm hoping to convince Chris to let me and the kids take a 10 day trip to Wisconsin and hopefully during that time I can make a 2 day trip up to your place. I can't make any promises, but I hope I can.


How is progress on the studio going? I'd love to see a updated post.


LOL, Maggie seems to find the knives if you leave one on the counter.


hahahaha! Love it! She looks like a professional smoker!!:)
No really though, very cute. What did monkey girl climb on to find these!?!?!


LMAO. ok, i choked on my gum when i saw that!!!


And instead of taking it out of his mouth, you took a photo? LOL! You are a true blogger!


OMG! What a funny picture! She is too adorable :)


Seriously funny stuff! The look totally says 'I'm up to no good.'


Wow. You may have a little devil child on your hands:)


Matches, OK - cigarettes, NO. Very cute.

Hyphen Mama

I'd be that mom who grabbed the camera before grabbing the match out of her mouth, too!! You can't miss shots like this.


That is freakin' hilarious. I even had to show the hubby that one. Totally seems like something Bianca would do! They would get along so well!

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