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April 27, 2008



Some people just have to find/make up something to complain about. It sounds like the rotten boy in elementary school who won't stop pulling your hair because he really likes you. He wants to be friends but knows he's a jacka**. But that dog thing, WOW, I would be pissed!! Here's to easements!


I have a moron for a neighbor, too. Not nearly as bad as Jeff the Moron though. Sadly, mine is related to me.


Man, that is the pits. Akita's are one of the most vicious dogs around, they and dalmations do more harm (dog bites) than pit bulls. I would suggest taking action of the sprinkler system that is on your property, otherwise he may be claiming your property, soon.

The dude really is a moron. Yikes.


oh. my. god. FREAK.

when we first moved into our house and had parties and such, we had the cops called on us a few times by neighbors. i can't say any of it was deserved. once there was eight of us sitting around our kitchen table with two windows open - talking in normal voices - when the city cop came by and said he could hear us from a block away - WHATEVER.

retard neighbors suck. i'd give him a taste of his own medicine. :)

Hyphen Mama

I think Jan is right. You need to have easements and property lines observed and get him to move his stuff. Can you put up a fence? Recently in our state a couple who had "used" their neighbor's property for 12 straight years (they walked across the property to get to an open space) was awarded ownership of that property by the state. It was worth over a million dollars. Imagine being the landowner who's property was awarded to somebody else!!

It's so horrible to have to be nasty with people you live RIGHT next to! Maybe you'll outlast them and they'll leave.

We have really bad neighbors, but at least they're across the street. Yuck. Good luck!


Ah I agree with Hyphen Mama, neighbors are the whole reason fences were invented for. Our side neighbors while they both irritate me to some extent do not come close to jeff. Our backyard neighbors on the other hand are similar. I really want a fence and J is fighting it.


Bad neighbors are no fun i feel for you!! I guess we have been lucky and haven't had to deal with any of those yet!! I guess the only thing i could tell you in get a fence!!



In our WA townhome, we could hear people having sex next door. Not cool, but so much better than your guy! hahaha....


oh, i have awful neighbors. they are loud and are constantly waking up emily with their loudness, i.e. snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, piped trucks. and nosey! sometimes i swear she knows more about our lives then we do.


Oh jeez-- what a pain. Time to plant a big row of leland cypress!!

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