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April 12, 2008



Good for you! I hope you are getting a nice fat refund! Ours still aren't done. My husband does the bills & taxes and is a HUGE procrastinator. I try not to think about it (I would be certifiable if I did) because he always pulls through at the last moment. Like you we're down the last couple of days.


yippie, refund?


Life is great!


Hooray for you! Yes, you are cutting it close!


whew! cutting it close.

Hyphen Mama

Yay! That is a happy day! Most of our snow is gone, except a few remnants of the family of snow people in the back yard. A few more nice days and it'll be GONE. And having taxes done is such a relief.


lol you remind me of my mom ;) she always says they wait til the last minute so the IRS doesn't look at them as close cuz they have a bunch to do :) and your last minute comment reminds me of my motto at school: "If you wait til the last minute, it only takes a minute to do!!" :)

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